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The Salt Lake Urban Area (SLUA) is a regionally collaborative group of first responders that include greater Salt Lake County Fire, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Health, Transportation, Public Works, Citizen Corp, Metropolitan Medical Response System and other agencies. canadadry




A resilient Salt Lake Urban Area prepared and coordinated to prevent, protect against, respond to and recover from all hazards.



The MEMBERSHIP of the Salt Lake Urban Area includes: 


  • Citizen Corp
  • External Affairs/Public Information Committee
  • Metropolitan Medical Reserve System
  • Salt Lake City Emergency Management
  • Salt Lake City Fire Department
  • Salt Lake City Police Department
  • Salt Lake City Airport Operations
  • Salt Lake City Public Utlities
  • Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office
  • Salt Lake County Emergency Services
  • Salt Lake County Public Works
  • Salt Lake Valley Emergency Managers
  • Salt Lake Valley Fire Alliance
  • Salt Lake Valley Health Department
  • Salt Lake Valley Police Chiefs Association
  • State of Utah Department of Homeland Security
  • Unifed Fire Authority
  • Utah Transit Authority



The Salt Lake Urban Area has nine COMMITTEES led by Subject Matter Experts. The committees include:


  • Communications
  • Community Preparedness
  • Emergency Management
  • External Affairs
  • Law Enforcement/Terrorism Prevention
  • Medical
  • Operations
  • Risk Management
  • Training and Exercise